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Welcome to Charlotte Elite Wrestling Club​!


Charlotte Elite competes at the highest levels, while offering developmental programs for all school-age groups. The vision of the Charlotte Elite Wrestling Club is to promote the development of youth through the techniques, disciplines, and opportunities provided by the sport of wrestling; encouraging positive values and responsibility. 


Charlotte Elite Wrestling Club & USA Wrestling, guided by the Olympic Spirit, provides quality opportunities for its members to achieve their full human and athletic potential.



Responsibility - Fulfilling all functions, tasks, duties and assignments with trust and credibility on behalf of USA Wrestling by honoring promises and pledges.


Integrity - Being true to self and the mission of USA Wrestling, while discerning right from wrong and acting on it.


Dedication - Dedication to carrying out the mission and goals of USA Wrestling with the highest degree of sacrifice and discipline.


Honesty - Being truthful and upright with people and issues in furthering the mission of USA Wrestling.


Accountability - Providing answers and reasons to others for actions and behaviors intended to support the mission of USA Wrestling.


Respect - Recognizing the absolute dignity in every human being, with a sense of compassion, caring and concern for the well-being of other people.

You Don't Have to be Great to start, but you Have to Start to be Great.



About Us

Charlotte Elite Wrestling Club is focused on developing the youth of Mecklenburg County and surrounding areas through the values, disciplines, and techniques associated with the sport of wrestling. The aim of Charlotte Elite, is not only to produce ELITE wrestlers within the Carolina's but to facilitate in the molding process to teach life lessons at early ages through the sport of wrestling at the highest levels.

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